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Meet the Artistic Director & Creative Team

Jagvinder Judge

Artistic Director

Jagvinder Judge is a well-established Actor and Director. Jagvinder is well known for adapting himself both physically and mentally to suit every character he performs. Born and raised in Punjab, India, Jagvinder has been performing for 35 plus years and has and extensive portfolio in performing arts, that ranges from work in films, TV and on Stage. He is also a well known lighting designer and has helped a vast number of directors in their productions.


Navjot Singh Narula

Assistant Artistic Director

A Techie by my mind and my profession but an artist by heart and passion, I always had deep interest in different forms of art & literature. During my time in college and university I started writing, acting in and directing the short skits, sketches and one act plays and I try to keep pursuing the same whenever I get a chance. Since last year I have worked with PAA as an Assistant Director and Director on different productions and they encouraged me to stage one of the stories I was working on, at the Sawitri Shorts Festival which you will see in Punjabi Shorts.


Jasleen Kaur

Assistant Artistic Director

Jasleen Kaur, a distinguished actor affiliated with the Punjabi Arts Association, has left an indelible mark on the stage with her exceptional performances. Renowned for her compelling portrayals in productions such as “AAHLNA,” “GALLAN TERIAN,” and “PANJ DOLLAR DA NOTE,” Jasleen’s talent shines brightly in the realm of Punjabi theatre. Beyond her accomplishments as an actor, Jasleen has showcased her versatile skills as a director. Her directorial ventures include the captivating plays “Panj Dollar Da Note” and “Eh Lahu Kis Da Hai,” further establishing her prowess in shaping compelling narratives on stage. With a passion for storytelling and a commitment to the arts, Jasleen Kaur continues to be a prominent figure in the Punjabi theatrical landscape, captivating audiences with her artistry and leaving a lasting impact on the world of performing arts.

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Kirandeep Kaur Kahlon

Assistant Artistic Director

Graduated from Asmita Theatre Company, New Delhi with a diploma in Street play and socio-political theatre,she has acted in several plays over the years: Chukayenge Nahi, Court Martial, Macbeth, Refugee, Amritsar Aa Gaya, Ramkali, and The last Salute. Some of her other work includes Peachy Keen Short Plays with The Bus Stop Theatre, The Knight of Pestle with Villians Theatre, Character mask workshop with Theatre du Poulet, Drinking Game with Dapopo Theatre Company, Students Playwrights Play reading with Theatre Nova Scotia. Kiran has also acted in “Dearg” and “The Tales of the man who whispered to the flowers” both award-winning short films at the Atlantic Film festival 2018.