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The PAA Theatre Group Membership provides its members with top-quality resources, training, networking, and support. Our Membership services are for professionals and non-professionals alike, both the emerging and the experienced, in the theatre community. Benefits include career resources, training, and marketing and networking opportunities.

    As a member of the PAA Theatre Group, you will be automatically subscribed to our newsletter. You will receive all updates and information about our workshops, auditions, and future events.

    Membership Benefits

    The benefits of the PAA Theatre Group Membership are designed to meet the needs of an individual working or participating in professional or community theatre.
    • The PAA Theatre Group Membership program is always free to join.
    • The membership can be easily reinitiated on request every two years.
    • All members get full privilege to our acting and theatre production workshops.
    • All members get first access to casting calls and opportunities within the ethnic theatre groups in GTA.
    • All members get first access to purchase our tickets for our theatre shows.
    • All members get access to work opportunities within production houses in GTA.
    • All members are entitled to attend general meetings with our Board of Directors.

    Membership Guidelines

    • Members are expected to abide by the PAA Theatre Group’s values and principles.
    • The applicant has aims and objectives consistent with those of the PAA Theatre Group.
    • By completing this form, the applicant explicitly commit to become a member of PAA Theatre Group, and to the benefits and expectations established in these membership guidelines.
    • Members are expected to maintain transparency and mutual accountability at all levels.
    •  The members are expected to further PAA Theatre Group’s mission and purpose at appropriate opportunities, and to be active participants in the network.
    • Members are expected to commit to communicate respectfully with other members and staff, both in person, by email and on the social media platforms.
    • Failure to comply with above mentioned rules may lead to termination of the membership.