Since childhood, I was inspired by my older siblings to perform on stage. My theatre journey started with a mono acting from primary school, tehsil level competition, where I got first place.  I performed and directed small plays, gidha and choir during my school time and working with NGOs during camps (representing Punjab, and India). I was awarded with The Shaheed-E-Azam Bhagat Singh State Youth award in 1996. After marriage I thought, I was done with my hobbies. In spite, When I migrated to Canada in 1996, I was surprised to see my husband acting as it showed a completely different side of him.  So, I joined PAA as a supporter of my husband and never thought about myself as an actor. The biggest factor contributing to me wanting to act again was my mother-in-law. When PAA was looking for a female actor to act in, “Sabh Kichh Hote Upaye”, she asked me to act in it. Since then, I have acted, choreographed, and worked in radio/TV commercials. In my years of acting with PAA, I have learned a lot and continue to do so.
I worked in: Gagan Mein Thaal, Pinjre, Ik Jang Eh Vee, Raat Chanani, R.S.V.P, Me and My Story, Ahlna (The Nest), Kandhan Rait Diyan, Sirjana, Gallan Terian,and movies: Sulghade Rishte, Air India Flight 182.

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