PAA plays acted in:
Ik Supne da Political Murder –  The Punjabi Shorts
Aahlna 2 – The Aahlna Series

How to reach:
Email to connect.

About the actor:
Mridul Sharma always wanted to be an actor, since childhood. After completing his studies, he started his career in 2018 as an actor at Toronto Film School. Mridul has appeared in a couple of student short films. He also got an opportunity to be part of big projects like Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol” and ” The Mayor of Kingstown” as a background actor. Mridul as an actor practices his craft every day working on monologues, voice, or any kind of scene study. He is a part of the stunt team, which choreographs hand-to-hand combat, knife fighting, jumps, and boxing. Mridul has never let go of any kind of performing opportunity whether big or small.